The time of formation comprises
one year of postulancy,
two years of novitiate
and three years of profession
before final profession.

Since our life is such a radical and intense call, we ask candidates to have some work experience after graduating from school or college and to live independent of their families for a time. Young women are gradually integrated into our life of prayer and work. Though we are involved in artwork, calligraphy, answering letters and telephone calls and door bells, sewing, gardening and all that goes into keeping a family going, we cannot justify our life by the work we "do," for we are called first and foremost to PRAY and, like St Francis, eventually "to become prayer."

Poor Clares, then, give themselves to Jesus, vowing to live the Gospel without possessions, in chastity and within the silence and solitude of their monastery enclosure, in prayer for the Church and for the world.

A Life of Fraternal Love

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