A few words before you begin the Tour

This is the monastery that our sisters live in Japan.
It is a beautiful monastery with beautiful sisters (you can
see that from the following photographs. In doing this web
site for our Japanese sisters I am limited in that I do not
know the sisters personally, nor the language or customs.
So in hopes that I do not put to heavy an "American" Stamp on
this beautiful community I would like to present to you - this
portifolio of pictures - a small booklet all in Japanese that
I have scanned and put on the pages and the written text given to me
by their Abbess, Sister Mary Pius.

I think with me you will enjoy this glimpse into the life of the Poor
Clares in Japan. At present there are five Poor Clare Houses in Japan,
this house was founded from the United States by the Poor Clares in Boston,

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